About Us

We are brothers that began our wine journey with our first trip to Paso Robles when we were in college at California State University, Long Beach. We made it a personal goal to explore each of the different wine regions California has to offer. Our interest in wine has led us to exploring other areas of the food and beverage industry by exploring breweries, distilleries, and restaurants.

Our goal is not only to make our readers more comfortable exploring wine with their own experiences, but we also want to help provide the information that you need to plan a successful food and/or beverage experience for you and your friends and/or family. This information takes the form of recommendations for wineries, breweries, distilleries, and restaurants that we base on our own personal experiences. We also love going to different events that showcase food and beverages and, therefore, also want to provide information about these events so that our readers may also attend. We highly recommend attending these events as these events have been invaluable to our growth and experience.

Our Rating System

When we rank any location or decide our current favorite locations, we use the following criteria:

  • Atmosphere
  • Food Quality
  • Service
  • Cocktail Quality
  • Wine List
  • Beer List
  • Price

The above criteria is just a general list of things we look at when we make our visits. We don’t play tricks nor do we try to mess anything up just to see if you catch it. However, obviously there are times that some of these categories do not apply such as when we are visiting breweries, wineries, and distilleries. Generally when we are visiting those locations we look at their product, service, price, and overall atmosphere.

Therefore, it is important to note, context is very key to our rating system. When it comes to restaurants, we evaluate restaurants based on the clientele the restaurant is trying to attract. We believe that a restaurant should be rated differently because not all locations are trying to accomplish the same goals. For example, not all locations have the capability to have food, but it is a bonus if they try to find alternatives such as having food trucks during busy hours.

We’re glad to have you join us on our journey!